Class Carnet

The Ticket Seller for Drop-in Classes

Here's how Class Carnet works

Create your event

Create your event

Set up your event and ticket types, including prices, when they are valid and how many times each can be used. Then publish the event on your website

Sell tickets on your website

Sell tickets on your website

A customer browses your website on desktop or mobile and buys a ticket. The ticket, with QR code, arrives immediately by email

Scan and validate tickets

Scan and validate tickets

You scan the ticket at your event using our simple scanning app, to check that it is within the expiry date and still has uses left

Class Carnet really helped my business grow. How? By letting me sell flexible tickets that my audience really wants

Miaomiao, founder of Bach to Baby

3 MAJOR benefits for your business


Customers really prefer buying tickets online (see below!) - they are more likely to buy tickets for your classes if they can do it NOW!


Your customers' email addresses will allow you to offer relevant classes to them in future


Your class teachers can spend less time counting cash and more time making sure your customers are enjoying the event

Surveys show that customers' overwhelming first choice for buying tickets is online

Now with Class Carnet you can sell tickets online for drop-in classes as well as single date events

Research conducted by Redshift Research Crowdology Survey October 2013

What does Class Carnet cost?

You only pay booking fees to Class Carnet when you sell a ticket, and you can choose whether the fees should be included in the price of your tickets or added on top. Our standard fees are 40p per ticket + 4% of the ticket price but at the moment we have a special offer - if you sign up today:

Fees fixed at 25p + 2.5% for the account lifetime!

Ticket priceFee inc VAT

There is no charge if you are running a free event.

† plus VAT at the applicable rate

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Download the Class Carnet Admin App to your iphone/ipad using the Appstore icon below. In the app press the create an account link.

Can I use Class Carnet if I have more than one class teacher/location?

Yes, you can invite your teachers/event managers from the Admin App. They will receive an email with instructions to download the Class Carnet Ticket Scanner to their iphone/ipad.

Class Carnet is specifically design to work with multiple events and locations. The each scanner will be updated in real time with information about tickets sold and scanned.

How do I scan tickets at my class/event?

You need to download our ticket scanning app to your iphone/ipad. You scan the QR code on each ticket and the app tells you if the ticket is valid.

Can I use Class Carnet to sell tickets for conventional events?

Yes, absolutely! When setting up an event you can choose either flexible or single date event.

Where do I find detailed instructions?

Instructions can be found here, or in the Admin App